S-I-T-K-O-M (Songs In The Key Of Madness)



“Squirrel” M. Murphy 1996. B&W Photo.


(Songs In The Key Of Madness)

A collection of 30 poems divided into three parts; Spontaneous Revelation from Lucid Dreams and Transcended Journeys.

This book deals with personal reflections and how I would convey them as song. We all attach such identifying labels to all things so we can justify them, in order to feel a certain way; comfortable and undisturbed.  We do this so we can relate to some “thing” at any moment in our lives; like a perverted television commercial, or something.

Rationalizing emotional responses driving a beat of words for expression of moments in a rhythm we all can dance to.

So, this was kind of a way to see things, like a mad song inside the mind as you take part in the passion play of life. As you make your way down the aisles in a grocery store, the hallways of your mind; always question everything in so endorsing perpetual learning.

Once was a time more common place than now, people would mourn a loss or celebrate a discovery or event with dance, song, and elation, to convey an emotional state; expressing themselves in order to gain understanding and raise awareness. To link together; bound by common threads, strength in unity, invested in a share of the experience.

The closest analogy I can relate would be when people “testify” at religious gatherings. They throw their arms up in to the air and weep tears of joy, and holler praise. They sing, Songs in the key of madness, which is a relative term, non gender or breed specific.

As for the cover photo

The year was 1996. I was walking home from the park that bordered the neighborhood where I was renting a house. I had just made some cool pictures of neat stuff while in the park, but it was getting late and light was fading.

As I walked home, I noticed that the ‘hood had lots of squirrels, of all shapes and sizes, big and small, fat and tall. They were having a heyday. When I walk I usually scan all around, taking in stimulus. However, this was like aerial acrobatics or a vintage dogfight, the squirrel Olympics training grounds, Squirrel du soleil‘, the bus stop café or convention center conflagration of crazed groupies; Quite the performance.

Then suddenly, I just came upon it, lying there in the gutter, all dead. I guess the metaphor is that this little squirrel sang its heart out until it died, but ended up in the gutter just the same. Well, that’s allegory for ya.


M. Murphy


Disclaimer: Some of these writings were extremely difficult for me to transpose here for this purpose. I wrote some of these poems during times that were very, very dark for me.  Although this is part of me, this is not who I am. This is allegory, metaphor, analogy, and therapy.

I just want to say here that within us all dwells ‘God’, of sorts – you define it! It’s your spark, your inner light, your thing that makes your heart sing, and vibrate. It’s your energy, your vibe, your inner voice that turns on and asks of the universe: “Oh God, please let my car start”, or something along those lines. I think we all have that in common as humans.

For me, this concept of ‘God’ is: ‘Love’, and I think love is sublime. One way, out of countless ways, to describe, or perceive, a meaning of life and answer to creation, is to call it a paradox. Which is to say – if there is ‘God’, there also exists ‘Anti-God’.

I think that ‘Anti-God’, like ‘God’, is nothing more than a construct of the mind, which in this case is purchased by us from God directly – because of the incomprehensible nature of what actually exists in our universe compared to our infinitesimal understanding, mankind created the concept of a God(s) to explain and justify existence, and actions. We manifest our thought into the reality of our waking world, literally. We literally reap what we sow, and, what you get out of it is directly proportional to what you put in. The God concept construct is a system of exchange, and it works.

So, be kind, be loving, be helpful . . . be the change you want to see in the world. That is a really good place to begin.


M. Murphy


Part One – Death


These Eyes Inside

How do I see with these eyes?

Inside the minds of the tortured

The wailing cries of the lonely

The wanting dreams of the dead


Don’t expect from me what you want

To know, that I already see what it is

Don’t you think I want the same?


Nine souls have I stolen

Nine lives have I received

Nine months have I lived

Nine deaths have I died


Who, is the one that will tell me

Why, do I see more than anyone else?

When, will I take the chair for my own?

Where, will I go from there?


Look up at the sky at night

Hear the heartbeats of a million worlds

Feel the fire burn out of control

Waiting for the Immaculate Conception


Live beside me my faithful companion

Your long hair flowing forever

Touch of warmth from eyes perceiving

Where will we go from here?


My soul is yours and yours is mine

I cannot see with you I’m blind

My only equal and far more than I

Calm my storms and give life to love


We will go on being who we are

There is no end as one we are

I continue to see as like no other

Take my hand and show me where to go



You did not hear my call

Did not listen to my plea

We cast a shadow in to the light


Down to the wire

Each and every time

Can you spell integrity?


We cast a shadow in to the light


Now it’s up to me alone

As it was from the beginning

No time left to be a clone

Clock is loud and ticking

Sweep along a dusty trail

Cobwebs thick and bleeding

Now it’s up to me to fail

In a race without competing


Can you hear my call?

Although it’s not for you

I cast a shadow in to the night


Riding on a high line

Music dancing in time


I cast a shadow in to the night


Short New Life

It was a strange dream

We bought a large comfortable farmhouse

Preceded by a winding country road

And trees were, as big as skyscrapers

When you look way off in the distance

The green rolling hills, seem

Like a big ocean, and the hills

A big tidal wave of clover and wildflowers

The animals wandered about

And were always very friendly

The house smelled of fresh oak and pine

And a hearty meal simmered upon the hearth


In the morning I would look out

The open window still wet with dew

Birds sing a peaceful melody

And the crickets winding down from the night before

I heard a great thunder off in the distance

As if a storm was upon us ready to oblige

But I saw no clouds on this day

I saw the brightest azure blue

The animals became quite nervous

And the newly formed mushroom clouds then stood out


Against a raging blue background

Two clouds rising high and churning evil colors

Hundreds of miles away people are dying

The minutes passed like hours these precious few seconds

The trees became alive and swayed to the rhythm in my head

The animals ran in all directions as if they were lost

My wife appeared at my side tears flowing

The wind blew hot an had an unfamiliar aroma

We kissed long and held each other

And at this time we turned to stone and began our short new life



What I saw was a room

Full of love

The pain in the faces

Overshadowed by Divine Intervention


The moment

When we become humble and naked

Realization of mortality

The fragility of our shells



I see myself as an intelligent soul

But for all my life

Striving to grasp

The simplicity of life

Mary knew

Right from the start

One step ahead

Leaving me in awe


I am going to miss my Aunt

Pride in her accomplishments

Her bragging all about it

I know how it feels

To be admired by large numbers

I did once have a rockin’ band

But not the respect

Mary had that


Another family member

Leaves our lives

Exits life altogether

I feel so bad inside

And also very sad

I will surely miss her


One Good Man

Will they say he was a great man?

As she walks alone in an empty house

Will they say he was an evil man?

As she cries aloud in an empty house


The walls echo back the answers

To a thousand questions asked

They find root in the brain

And feed off the subconscious


Will they say he loved his children?

They wander about the Earth aimless

And will they say he was a strong man

The lives that hath been stolen


Sneaky old all American railroad man

Boozing low life belly hanging bowler

Did you do all those things they said?

Or was it all in their heads


I learned to catch a fish from you

I saw you hooked up to a big tube

You shook and spat nonsense

Yet you lived on for what seemed like years


Did you think you were a great man?

How much hidden knowledge died with you?

Do you know she walks in an empty house?

Everyone seems relieved to know


The suffering stopped so suddenly

My brother had pleasant dreams that night

Asleep in your forgotten son’s bed

My eyes are opened but see nothing


The T.V. plays Bonanza reruns for you

And the clouds are now a spittoon

I watched her laugh and carry on

Your eldest son acting like a kid


Will she say you were a good man?

And her time to live anew is now

Will she say she had a good life?

The walls echo back the answers


Across The Tracks

Riding through the mountains in the late summer morning

Off to a funeral and to see relatives mourning

To a place where time and progress have not

Quite hit its forceful hand of change and rot


The mountains have been blasted and cut

The new road is there, an exoskeleton

Rising in to the sky like industrial smut

From two lanes to four auto motive nutrition


Almost gone are the twisting lanes

The scenery of the hills, fruit stands and Ford Fairlanes

Time has cut the pilgrimage from four hours to two

Next thing you know they’ll build factories of glue


Arriving in town not much has changed

The litter looks different people deranged

Poverty is rampant on one side it’s poor

For sale signs dot the landscape and doors


Over across the tracks is a facade of a new town

Fancy construction, ornate lamps and fast food

The Father of our country here stood his ground

His fort overlooks this bleak facade, its brood


It seems like centuries when the mills were at peak

Putting food on the table of God’s hungry and meek

One day they just shut down, down to the ground

Now when you drive through you hear a silent sound


I came to this town to mourn a great loss

The unfair death of a loved one

Alone in a coffin with room only for one

His Mother survived him and she’s lost a son


They say the death of a child is the worst loss of all

So bad is the loss it has made monarchies fall

The feeling inside is not one to create

And soon enough you’ll see him at the gate


As a child I went to his great old town

With happiness and abandon I explored

Its crevices, alley’s and candy store

This time I drove through I wore a frown



I flipped through the pages

Of poetry created by Sparks

My great Uncle Bill was such

A man of vision and tenderness


His verses of the war cried out

As I flipped the channels of the television

On the brink of a new bloody was

I see no vision of tenderness


The stakes of this morbid carnage

With the years that have flown since 1918

Still the same as with any was game

The lives that are being lost holy senseless


The exchange of harsh words across the table

Restriction of rights to make wrong

Emperor of the skies will stymie

A lunatic who lusts for world domination


Maybe just maybe thy will should be done

To pull the plug of sacrifice in exchange

For peace and a softer tug on the wallet

As we fill our cars with fuel to destroy our lives


One day we will wake up in the red haze

Of the morning sun un-shielded we will die

With our environmental suits to protect

Our fragile shells will fry and melt


My suit will be blue and scary to small children

With tubes and wires to pump and control my air

My house will be filled with the elements of nature

To remind me of the vision of tenderness


That once


My vivid




Grandma died

Grandma finally died

To depart

Feel no more pain


But what do I feel

How will I have cried?



Your mother has died

Give thee no judgment eyes

Our lost loved ones

Live on inside


Last night

No wonder I could not sleep

Snapped awake

At four, in the mourning


Grandma died

Grandma finally died


Your mother has died

The blood line cried

Tears hath not lied


Remember the love

Family reunion

Watching eyes


Your mother has died



And walk among the seeds I’ve sewn

The trees shall whisper no more

Lest ye find who I am

A greater puzzle found


Names will have been forgotten

Markers for the unrest

Flowers in the sky tonight

Brighter stars go by


Do not forsake my weary heart

For it is full of love

And pain

Felt as though it is mine


Cast out your stones

To ripple my reflection

Of what has brought so little

Beyond compare


Part Two – Love


The Fool

How many times

Will I make a fool out of myself?

I thought at least

I should know by now

But why persist

Do I do it unknowingly blindly for fun?

Is it something hidden?

Deep inside my mind away from everything

It makes me hurt

To make you hurt is wrong

I want all the attention

But I’m afraid to say

I’ll give to you

My attention and take it right back

Everything will not be alright

As long as I make a fool out of myself

Out of our love


On The Other End

Is it allowed

To wonder aloud

A face in the crowd

Am I too proud

Test my limits

Count the minutes

Of the time

That passed us by

Was that love I heard

Seeping under your words

Through the receiver

On the other end



Many, many a sunrise

Have I seen

Day after day after day


Each one has a different meaning

Yet, it is always the same

A sunrise


The colors, oh the colors

Enlighten my heart

Fulfill my dreams


As I watch each sunrise

I know what it brings

One more day closer, from no days at all


I know I will always remember

Until I no longer exist

What a sunrise is like, the beauty


You sense all that is around you

You sense all your well being

You feel the life within



Come walk with me today

In the halls that are lined

With wild orchids so rare


Come watch with me today

Stand in the wind so hot

The sweet scent burns in my mind


Come fly with me today

Stretch out your arms across the world

The sky picks you up and throws you down


Two orchids sway in the night

One red, one white

Their petals touch and overlap

Twisting round and bending down to nap

A blanket of darkness hides them


The morning dew coats the orchids

A fine mist in the air clouds my eyes

A warm pink glow in a green valley

Two orchids sway gracefully, peacefully, lovingly


Come walk with me today

See a warmth rise up into the air

Watch the world go by, through distorted lenses


Come love with me today

Two orchids thrive, and lust

For a quenching drink of nectar


Name That Tune

Your flawless skin

Entices my senses

When you lay your head to my chest


To touch you


Over and over


I held you close

With my arms

Wrapped around you


I thought about

New tattoos

The topic of conversation


That weird looking cat

Crouched low to the ground

Like a new home for Buddha


We walked

Through the woods

And sat at the water’s edge


Eating sour patch kids

Clearing the air of the past

The boat, two dogs, and a man and his song


Your timeless beauty

Strikes the deepest chord

A very familiar melody


Think Of You

It’s hard not to think of you

It makes me crazy when I do

I think about when we lay in bed

Your head resting on my chest

My breath taken away

The peace and beauty overwhelming


The first time I set eyes on you

Quite an emotional roller coaster

Something unexplained

I’ve never felt this type of attraction

I feel so shy and childlike at a loss for words

My blood races hot and dizzying

So I try not to think about it


Eyes of knowing searching for truth

Innocent and calculating

Gentle lines of the Earth teaching

Silken full of life fragrant and soothing

Pursed softer than air each kiss

Perfectly imperfect marred by destiny

Textured by design content by nature


Watching seeing gathering

Seeking out the truth

Only to not know when and why


I wonder to myself about this

Why do I think too much?

My friend says I get all sparkly eyed

Another gives mere mention of name

I just want to spend more time with you one day


I hear the crickets

Sounds of the night

Outside my window

Closing my eyes I see you

Snuggled close warm and comfy


Eye To Eye

Eye to eye

Mind in mind

Two hearts entwined


Feeling the same

Feeling the pain

Feeling the wave of the future


Look inside my mind and see

What’s in store for you and me

I know you know because one are we

Two hearts entwined

Mind in mind


Eye to eye

Mind in mind

Two hearts entwined


There is no grave

Grief and sorrow

And no one to save


Living our lives

Again and again

Eye in eye

Mind to mind

Two hearts entwined


Grow Up

Grow up

Get a life

See a therapist

Ease your strife


You wasted my time

You took two years

Back where you started

Alone with your peers


When I do leave

You’ll be happy at first

But as the years go by

You’ll realize the worst


Damned if I’m going to move

Just to ease your pain

Two more years

Again and again and again


Should have said no

Right from the start

At least then

You would not have broken my heart


That’s your problem

If you just can’t deal

For what it is worth

My love was real


Your Voice

Just want to hear your voice

A song of songs

We call to each other


When I cannot touch and hold you

Forever again in moments

And everything feels just right


Have to hear your voice


Knowing you are there

Seeing I am here

Cannot stay apart too long


The attraction

So magnetic

I become helpless


Need to hear your voice


Surreal Not Real

It doesn’t seem real

A dream perhaps

Is that what it is supposed to be like?


The need to touch you

Be sure of myself

That it is real


Walking to town

Among the blur of scurrying humans

My beaming smile is certainly real

And an aura that surrounds me

Lighting the way ahead

More like floating




Part Three – Action


From The Window Above

My God they’re all zombies, down to the core

Packs of men, in the same suit from the same store

They’re walking around with their dicks in their mouths

And their brains in their asses


Slit skirt women, slit below the hem

Silicone titties and a nasty Virginia slim

Happily married but wanting other men

To buy them, that beautiful Halston original


Big business bureaucrat in his shiny new car

A hundred grand a year doesn’t get him far

Wake in the morning; pull a face from a jar

Glitter shit health spa and visa gold card


Go to work, park the car, drink some coffee

Go to lunch, have a drink, back to work

Fuck around, drive home, drink some more

Beat the wife, drink some more, toot some coke

Go back out, take a whore, drink some more


Big business bureaucrat aint no good

He doesn’t do what he should

I really wish that I just could

Kill him with a big machine gun


Watch them drop dead like maggots and flies

From heart attacks, diabetes, syphilis and lies

Tax evasion, corruption, extortion and you

God help these people, make then sniff glue



I stood alone

Without a heart

Stone cold

Hate everyone

Hate everything

Mean person

Hate you

Hate me

Fuck this

Fuck that

(and) do as many drugs as possible


Abuse the body

Abuse the mind

Let it go

Have no flow

Cheat life

Run from it

Hide from it

It won’t find you

It doesn’t need you

It doesn’t need anybody anymore


People on the street

The ones you hate to meet

Inside your mind

Torture and grind

Their little brains and bones


Insignificant they seem

Lost in a dream

Walking around

God’s children


Let’s start again

Without a messiah

Wipe out the trash

Weed out the scum

Take me along with it

We will all burn in hell


Take those little pigs

The ones on the hill

The almighty hill is a disgusting

Quarter booth porn show


Money money money

Take take take

All for the good of man and woman


One wrong move


One wrong word


One wrong life



If I had my way

We’d all be rich as pigs in slop

Never pay taxes

Steal everything

Shit on the common person

And watch them squirm in an arena


Little political fucks

Own our Earth

Kill our people

Waste our mind

Take take take

The big throwback

The one that got away

Watch out for that one

It will do it just for fun

Just for fun


I only did it to see what would happen

I didn’t know you would get hurt

Why should I have feelings?

Fuck you

Fuck me

Insignificant little snipe of a worm

This Earth will crush your being


Let me do it

Let me take your heart away

Steal your soul

Control you

Out you inside my demented mind

You will die a thousand times


Take your own life

The big lie

That’s the way

Here we go

Another lifetime

Immortal hell

Live forever

Live for the moment

Spur of the moment fuck


Thought conceived



Suck that nipple

Pop that pimple

Buy that bag

Stick it in your arm


Cut your mother with a knife

Kill your father

Take his wife

Snooty little fuck

White ass bitch


I’ve got no heart

It’s okay though

I’m pedigree


Out bread

Bottle fed

Brain dead

It’s a living

It’s a style

Do more drugs

Live a little while

Longer if you may

But this I have to say


You give

I’ll take

I’ll keep

With pleasure



Because I do love you

And I don’t lie


Demented Dream

Escaped from the zoo was a mighty tarantula

It was so big they named it Gargantua

And it took up residence in my basement


My wife got so terrified I had to hide her

Because she was afraid of this big nasty spider

So I decided to go fishing


I charted a fancy luxurious boat

Then to the ocean I went afloat

Now this is no joke

How I opened my throat

And poured 24 down and got drunker than shit


I fished and fished all day and all night

Tossing buckets of chum and guts what a sight

I thought at least I might blow Buick’s


The captain came up and I knew he was pissed

You haven’t caught a thing all this time you have fished

Pack it up boy we’re turning back


As the captain yelled he started to dribble

Some spit on his chin, his chest and his nipple

I guess it was from being sloshed on red ripple

But I laughed real hard as he said, “you got a nibble”

And he fell overboard and was devoured by a whole lot of hungry man-eating sharks


I’m glad he is dead because his rates were expensive

I was going to push him over but I was apprehensive

All the while my fishing pole was bending like mad


I fought with the beast for hours on end

My hands got so raw and my pole would just bend

But to my surprise everything just stopped


Then quite suddenly it rose to the surface

It was twelve feet across and it made me nervous

With red bulging eyes it showed me no malice

Florescent yellow like a holy mans chalice

It hopped up on deck and spoke to me

Hi there, my name is Hank


Hank told me he was a giant sea spider

And some of his relatives grew even wider

Two of his eight legs had big gnarly hands


I said, “I’ve got a problem” and he said, “I know”

You’ve got a tarantula at home and his name is Joe

By the way, is that cold beer I’m really thirsty


We drank and we drank and got quite soused

Then Hank said, “Let’s go to your house”

We crept in to town as quiet as a mouse

I had to disguise Hank so he wore a blouse

Hank liked my punk rock cassette tapes


When we arrived my wife was still hidden

I couldn’t find her at first thought she might have been bitten

Hank was a real intelligent creature humming tunes and all


Right away Hank went to the basement

There he met Joe and gave him effacement

Hank popped him in his mouth like bazooka Joe gum


The months have gone by since I met Hank

He’s been such a good friend someone to thank

But this I must say and I’ll be quite frank

My wife says she’s pregnant and this is no prank

Something fishy is going on because I had a vasectomy many years ago



I’m an old dude and my health aint too good

But I got lotsa money in my bank account

I drive a Cadillac Eldorado with a naked lady on the hood

I’m gonna die fast of a heart attack

I got a young gal who likes to wear lace

Lemme tall ya brother she’s like from outer space

Get out the dictionary and look up

The definition of silly

And you’ll see her picture

Now I got a purple red blister


Coronary, coronary

They’re gonna shave my body ‘cause I’m real hairy

Coronary, coronary

She went for a ride I felt kinda dizzy

Coronary, coronary

Before the lights went out

And the old ticker went

Did I remember to change the name?

On my last will and testament


My little gal who likes to wear lace

Used to dance around naked on rugs at my place

Year after year she grew in to her sweater

I got something to tell her and I hope it don’t upset her

My little gal who likes to wear lace

I got her drunk and she sat on my face

She swore she would love me till the day I die

So like a dummy

Signed her name to my money

I’m gonna have a heart attack and die


Coronary, coronary…


My little gal who likes to wear lace

She put both families in disgrace

We ran away to Kansas to elope

And at The Red Roof Inn she slipped me some dope

She carried me through the door

Cause’ I fell down and bumped my head

We watched an adult tape called Drivers Ed

Then she tied me to the bed


My little gal lay down at my side

Whispered hey pops can I go for a ride


Coronary, coronary…


Old Edna

It’s time you know where we are gonna go

Aint got no car so the trip will be slow

Wind through the city in to alleys and sad streets

Up rusted stairs to a small dark room in time to meet

Old Edna, Old Edna, Old Edna


The odor in the hallway makes you wanna die

Incense of Mother Earth ala menstrual pie

The old men line up from dusk to dawn

I really don’t know why, but I just can’t help myself

It’s enough to make you cry


Old Edna, Old Edna, Old Edna

I seen her do hot dogs, burgers and French fries

Bologna and cheese and scrambled eggs

Blood and food junk run down her legs

That’s what I like best

I go last after the rest, to mop up the sauce

Between her legs

Hungry-Jack and the Pop-n-Fresh boy

Are missing out on the hottest new toy


I stayed one day, two then three

I did not stop even to pee

Four days, five six and seven

The blood was thick this day and splashed all over Kevin

Old Edna, Old Edna, Old Edna

I did not know how to tell my Dad

I knew if I did he would be mad

So what the fuck just my luck Dad had a bag

Full of biscuits fluffy and soft

Ready to mop up Old Edna’s blood trough


So off we went up rusted stairs

Next to the air vent to stand in line

With biscuits and wine, along

With all the local slime

Old Edna, Old Edna, Old Edna


Waiting For The Bus Like A Creep #1

I stuffed 85 pennies in to

The money box on my bus

A computerized beeping fee collector

Eats the copper Lincolns with lust

I go reeling down the aisle


Some old Chinese or Korean lady

Who’s wearing brown checked flaked

Polyester trousers zipped up one side

With pink and green stripes

Her blouse glows buttoned wrong


Cuss me out in Chinese or Korean

Breath just like a dead human being

I smelled that funk from the back of the bus

Like to see those tits sagging in a truss


I jam on thrash cranked to eleven

This Jesus freak next to me screaming ‘bout heaven

Must have been 1500 degrees in that dark blue

Leisure suit and penny loafers


He smelled like old dishwater stew

(and) sweat poured down his face and all over

I’ll take your pamphlet only because

I forgot to wipe my ass

You didn’t hear who I said I was

I’m Satan you freak let’s have a mass


I stuffed 85 pennies down

The throat of my bus driver

Whipped out my Uzi and spun around

Unloaded five clips of ammo and drove to the river

Tossed out the chum to feed

The piranhas who cheered

Because I had the best seat now

Off to work to slaughter like a cow


Waiting For The Bus Like A Creep #2

There are things that I think of

When I wait for the bus

Like to kill everyone there

To kill them for lust

To lust from the heart

To smash skulls on pavement

Watch brains and blood spatter

Then die in enslavement


The violent thoughts flow

From every pore in my body

I would never do it

Not even as a hobby

But they make me so sick

Like a wild rabid dog

Those damn penny pinchers

Politicians and hogs


But this I do hope and wish

That it just might happen

One step in front of

A truck and get flattened

Our poor world is dying

From insane corruption

No hope for our children

From this birth eruption


So it’s back to my thoughts

While I service the public

Slapped hard in the face

Till I’m blue and I’m sick

Today I went out and bought me a shotgun

I keep it under the counter

The one I hate spewed waste in my face

I blew out his brains and fed him a flounder


Rummy King

Johnny you are the Rummy King

You dance, and sing

With the Gulliver bee sting

You stole an angel’s wing


Give it back to God

The feathers do not serve you


Only when you can listen

Will you hear all ‘round


I remember when I was two

But now I’m one in a million

Lives will not a teacher make

Forever the student


Such the toenail clipping

King and Queen of cheese

And a mattress full

Feeling like a bean bag bed

Fool’s paradise as you lay

Unmoving unable

Brittle star fish out of water


Food Chain

A fiber treat

Synthetic meat

Is what we eat

Destined to graze this pasture


Grace my lips

With plastic cheese

Coat my stomach

With poly-liner


And a cocaine junkie

With the Teflon coated

Nasal passage

Straight to the brain


Cardboard chicken filet

Bug parts and feces

All kinds of species

Glaring omnipotent


Gone fishing

At physteria bay

Baited and hooked

But everything is A.O.K.


Just keep it coming

Back to me now

People food

Was good fiction


Music To My Ears

Music, the suffering tune

A harmony of humanity

Playing new on the top 100


Go driving down the winding road

Our devices turned to greet us

Like the lonely man in the rocking chair

His clothes tattered hair, blowing

Fingernails ripped into the Naugahyde

G-force ripples a cheeky little smile


Oh such beauty the suffering

Humanity disease and delight

Dear mother we run the race

And turn to our devices


Looking for some way to ease this affinity

Innate, no possibilities, to lower

The volume that deafens our senses


Sing me a song tonight and every night

That swing town hair bear jamboree

Dance like a stair on a parquet floor

Get slammed in the shins stomping feet

Aware you look as the fool, flushing

Heart blood pounding and bruised


Revel in lust of suffering

The dust and seeds the make

Sweet mother the unending race

Can’t make us turn to our devices


How I Feel

And, when asked how I feel

Outside of

Wanting to learn ballroom dancing

But my feet alone feel restricted

Out of step with the required

Yet my heart and soul are stirred

With a harmony rhythm swizzle


Wanting to wake with paintbrush

And pen to create the desires

Burning inside for all to view

With a patron lusty and giving

And a knack for servitude


Wanting to soar and explore

The stars and galaxies galore

The overwhelming views

Creating the ultimate humility

Knowing nothing more of what was


Wanting to know more about this feeling

Deja-vu, I’ve been here before

Many times too many offspring

Aware of the energy cycle mystery

Of the primordial gene pool


Wanting to meet myself in the mirror

But the same man without questions

To ask why I should melt into him

Unify to find two of me could be

Nothing but troubled courses


And when asked how I feel

Outside of

Being a bit brown gassy, and

Anticipating an exit maneuver

Of the day before

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