Shovel It (Love Shit)


“Rest Stop” M. Murphy 1996. Photograph.

Shovel It (Love Shit)

A collection of 35 poems. Spontaneous, sustained afterglow effect; Spewing a Writ-of-Detinue, of mandamus fantasy and marginal experience.

This book deals with the topic of Love. And how it is viewed from the many different lenses we see through, and the masks we adorn ourselves with to enhance the “whatever you want to call it” factor of attraction.

No matter who you are with, give it your all. Don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind and don’t criticize one another baselessly, for that is what you reflect; Moreover, listen to what each other has to say, not just verbally; and, seek to find resolve by embracing your personal differences to strengthen your common bonds. By all means, be interactive.

Sterilization of the moment is the realization that we, as humans, are driven to procreate, then to nest, then to move on. Those that stay and linger do so for love; in its infinite definitions.

Separately; Men conquer, Women collect. Male and Female, Ying and Yang, Alpha and Omega. It is the delicate balance of the two made whole that works the magic and defies all known description.

As for the cover photo

This was 1995, on the way to New Orleans and Mardi-Gras, perhaps in Tennessee along route 81. Stage one of a non-stop road trip, lasting a lifetime in the duration of 18 plus hours, in a Toyota Tercel. Then it was off to Daytona, then back home to our Nation’s Capital. I swear, I must have listened to Led Zeppelin III over thirty times in the span of seven days.

While at a gas station, filling up and emptying out, I made this picture; probably 10 hours into the opening stretch of this one particular journey. The image stood as a metaphor for the way my mind had perceived the synthesis of the relationship I was in at the time.

I had just driven through a horrendous storm. The pelting rain; battering the little Toyota like Niagara Falls. And, the wind had made itself visible by adorning tree limbs, trash cans, and road signs. The once invisible specter of turbulence now had physical substance and I was driving directly in to its path. For 8 hours in the middle of the night, the storm unrelenting from Winchester, Virginia all the way into Tennessee, along the Shenandoah Valley.

Those 8 hours foreshadowed the next eight months that were to follow. You do your best to steer clear of the debris you can see coming at you, and hope that what you don’t see doesn’t blindside you.

We all have to clean up the messes we make along the way; Love Shit, Shovel It.


M. Murphy



 Sacrificial Woes

My sacrificial woes beg

To unopened eyes, along the edge of the world

I remember a moment

Don’t forget moments


The bodies swayed

To the rhythm of the night

And the heartbeat of the rain

Holy dance, fruitful paradise


What aires linger about

Stagnant and polluted

Whose hands be it



Our Door

Our door has started to open

And the light inside is blinding


To find a part of you, you find a part of me


Our door has started to open

With every passing day

Passion and love will reign the day

It’s open all the way


The Effect

Although, the effect does wear off

The compulsion still exists

The finish line is there

The race is not a race

‘tis cloud, the mind

The endurance task


The time will hath not measure

For years it will seem

As for the past

Slipping quickly through junctions

Going by like water and falling snow

Filling in the cracks


Round peg, round hole

Square for square

Hands in hands

Lips to lips

Arms on arms

Bodies tangled


The cry of love

Deafening silence

Screaming without voice

The song

Poking the needles

In the appropriate places


A Voice

A voice

Of settling calm

Tone of serious imply


Know just how far to reach

The jar on the shelf

Your eyes know the distance


The Eyes

The eyes took me in

To a place like home

Warm soft, inviting

And deadly mysterious


A smile and a deep breath

The exhale of a spring day

With its eternal distraction

To usher in the summer heat


Wishes and dreams

As a small child would

Love and desire

What hope is for


Like To Touch

I’d like to touch you if I might

Your eyes sweet tastes of wine

And I’m drunk falling in your arms


C’mon and hold me till I die

Wash away the tears I cry

I won’t question why

But my love will simplify


I’d like to hold you if I may

Your lips paralyze my walking stride

And I’ve died kneeling at your feet


C’mon and hold me for tonight I lay

In bed with the sheets pulled away

We sleep like spoons side by side

Dishing up love, slice of pie


Train Of Love

Is it a train of love?

Of vanity wants

Car after car

As far

As you can see


Will love catch me?


At the crossroads

Of indecision

Like it always has


Am I just a wanton fool?

Sick and deranged

Such as my companions

Know me

Caught unaware


Take Me

Take me from this place

Remove my tidings bind

Leave the strings behind me

‘Tis love I need to find


I’m stretched and pulled apart

For the right of the right, of the right

I’ve given too much already

I nearly lost my sight


I will not be needed

And I know I will be missed

My family means so much to me

But I dream for what I wished


Get out of this love hate state

Into more serene

To flow my ebbing senses

And love out my dream


Right Now

Right now there are no doubts

Of where I want to be

But I need to see you soon

From this place I will flee


Moving like a slow calm wind

To fill your luscious sails

Sail upon your sea of love

A surface leave no trails


The force that pulls me to you

Getting wilder every day

But I need to see you soon

That’s all I have to say



Will we walk

One day

Hand in hand




Through the sands of life

On the beach of togetherness

Alongside an ocean of love


I’ve thought this

From the moment I met you


My arms open up to greet you

They rest in a treasure

Of woven silk



This new day greet’eth me

Sun shining

Through my open door

The shadowed pattern on my floor


Ever rising


Children walking by my stoop

They see everything


Miss so much


Of the view


Did anyone take notice

How love and joy

Spilled out my open door

The shadowed pattern on my floor





I took a walk

To clear my thoughts

Of the ever apparent


I could smell somebody bar-b-queing


That warmth

Of a thousand memories

Woven between fresh cut grass


Making things ever apparent


Water Lilies

Water lilies

Float on endlessly

They sunk when a stone was thrown




Was all that was left

It should not be right

For they won’t rise up

The world will stay down


All is under


May Day

May Day, May Day

My basket case

Hung around my doorway


The lilies bloom

The petals flow

Reminding me of you


A neighborhood counsel

Judges each basket

No psychiatrist will


Shave Off

A stirring calmness surrounds me

I tremble upon reflection of you

Knees shaking with an unknown joy

A mystery that is binding, as

No other contract is able

And I woke in the morning

To an empty bed with lonely arms

The waiting s both killing and kind

Whiskers itching my face remind me

To shave off the years between us



I woke with a terrible pain in my stomach

Gas I suppose

Interrupted my dream of you


Crawling, pacing, hurting

Shaking and trembling

Never ceasing


Still needing to work

Still needing to dream


I clean for therapy

The gas man knocks on my door

Here to turn on my gas


After two months

When the day I want

My gas turned off


Still crawling and pacing

Shaking and trembling


Poem A Day

A poem a day

Till we say


Face to face


Treasure, our love

Forever, my love

No boundaries

For the undying


Your petite belly

Tattooed of lust

My body

Tower of passion


The dream unfolds


Our anointed souls

Lost to it


The grace of your neck


My tender kisses

Finding home


Across The Miles

Easy to visualize

Living with you in the future

Feeling now

How right it seems to be


I see loving you

As I see I always have

Came naturally to me

To say I love you


I reach across the miles

Between us

Put my arms around you

And stay there


So I don’t get knocked to my knees

‘Tis you that I must please

Surrender unto thee

I am at your command



I think of you, like I always do

Went to the circle this morning

The parade came by

As I drank my tea


I miss you today

In bed we could lay

Or walk amongst the trees

Hand in hand


The silence would speak for us



Although it seems I cannot stop

Thinking about you comes easily

Shop till you drop

My friend


The ways get so complicated

Patience wears thin

My one agenda

To be emancipated


The ease and comfort

Of your friendship


And forgiveness


Awkward timing

Not out of place

Grabbing at the re-set

Winding hands together

Winding hands, holding hands

Playing bread and butter

(not) Often shall we trip and fall

And get back up again


My friend of time

Gone by no more

Hibernation complete

Where’s the hunny


No Body

No body

To write about love

Too right about love

All wrong

Smeggeriffic curses

Jizzmatotious eyes

Beaming out boners

One eye, one eye

Getcher’ one eye here

Watch it they spit

What a crock-o-shit



Darling, you send me

Eyes from thirty feet


Of sorry, not me

Refrigerator light purse

From across the bar

Sign up at the door

For consensual sex

All bars should have

Fuck rooms

And bathrooms

Pick your scent

Smell it out

Human animal


Horse Race

No different than a horse race

You place your odds

You make the bet

Long shot to win

The big payoff

Belly up to the bar

Bet on the horsies

Which one should be shot

Which one pasture to stud

Blinders and peering eyes



Beautiful high stakes

Against all odds


Six To Nine

Six to nine

Can play the game

So erotic


With the device


Dairy cow milker


That’s hole milk

Got milk

Pearly white mustache


Have you seen

Me, nutritional values

Like the concern


Milky Treats

Milky treats

Come to me

Both of you

To please me

Looking for my mouth

Seeking out my hands

Petted like a lamb


Tied To Me

Tied to me

Your hands bound behind you

You cannot see, for the mask

All too willingly

Spread your legs to me

And tell me all about it


The hair, how it hides

And outlines


The gentle curves

Of supple flesh

Moistened by my tongue


You would like to take me in

For the night

To occupy the deepest room

In your cottage bungalow



Thighs work up a sweat

Surrounding the treasure

Buried within


A sweet furry blend

Smoothness to the end

Grooved for my tongue


I can smell you

In heat

Beg to give meat


The inches hide away

Hips slide this way

Nestle deep inside you


Ball Sack

Sweaty ball sack

Private aroma

A long, long ride

Thick and wet


Head out

Spitting and drooling


Up and down


Tower of strength

Blood flow

Vein popping

Miss directed



Salty taste

So I’m told

Too good


Velvet folds





Looking for a spot

To park

And re-park

And re-park


So hot

This weather

Soon the rain

Will come


All is awash

All is said

All is done

It was fun


Erotic Playground

Erotic playground

Daisy trouncer


Smooth texture

Wanna be


Eye wash hurricane

Sign bender


And you know

What’s best for thee

Careful you

Don’t skin your knee


Tape roll masquerade

Fearless bluff


Spread frosting

Cover mistakes


Tell me how

Sit on my face


A last supper

Upon the table

Banquet feast

Parted and able



Bill Clinton

(and) The Presidential Penis

Fucking those who want

To cash in

On their own terms

From the beginning

In turn we will see

Intern we will see



Sweet petite

Incense meat

Let me lick your flower


Up and down

And all around

To get a creamy shower



I wish I had

A dining room table

I’d set you upon it


And eat you


Like a prisoner

And his last meal



Leslie’s ass munch

Vagina licker

Apple fritter

An a cream cheese



Bruised Lip

Get in the car

Bruised lip

I miss you


Everybody fell in love with you

I was no exception

But I did understand

You and me

Perhaps (I’ll) never (find out)


Where your damn shoes are


We got bad information

From a one called friend

Who built a wall between us

And painted it with jealousy

And lies and noise, fuck that

If you only knew

Perhaps (I’ll) never (find out)


I still love you


Pulp Fiction Potbelly

Pulp fiction potbelly

I want to touch it

Run my hands around it

Kiss and caress

Your little potbelly


Play a ritual of the hands

To memorize your shape


Trace my lips around your world

And lick the salt of your taste


The inside of your hands

Right around the wrists

Up the inner forearm

Both my tongue and lips

The curved road to bliss


Play a ritual of the hands

To memorize your shape


Walk my fingers up your arms

And hold them into place


Wrap my arms around your waist

Let me stand behind you

Look into the mirrored surface

Reflect the Garden of Eden

Puzzle pieces now fir even


Play a ritual of the hands

To memorize your shape


Our bodies fit together

And lock in to place

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